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Invoice Discrepancy Procedures

At times there may be an invoice discrepancy that needs to be researched. Below are reasons listed on your statement.

BAD/CAN: Use one invoice discrepancy for each assignment in question. It will be researched.

Unknown trans #: Submit the correct transaction number on your next invoice through the invoicing website. Do not submit a discrepancy for this.

Loss Mitigations (Invoiced Early): Our procedure is not to invoice until the Loss Mit has closed and dropped off of your manifest. If you bill prior to it dropping for the manifest, you will be paid $0 and ‘Invoiced early’, ‘Not closed’ or ‘in QC’ will be added to the comment section of your invoice.

Not Closed; In QC: Invoice once LM has closed and dropped off your manifest.

Pricing Correction: The amount you invoiced for in incorrect.

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